Cherry Blossoms in High Park

This year has been my first ever experience of Toronto in spring. It is my first time seeing new life grow from the winter snow and feeling the excitement and anticipation of new beginnings spreading across the city. One of the biggest markers of the season in ‘The 6ix’, is the blossoming of the beautiful…… Continue reading Cherry Blossoms in High Park

Sex and the Skatepark

Excuse the punny title, but I couldn’t help myself. Fortunately (or unfortunately…) this post isn’t about sex, at least not the kind you’re thinking of… Today I want to talk all things gender. I’ve briefly skirted around this issue before, on my last post about why I decided to pursue skateboarding at 23, and as…… Continue reading Sex and the Skatepark

Mac Demarco at House of Vans

This past weekend saw The House of Vans pop up at 99 Sudbury Street in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood. The event spanned three days offering a community market, art instillations, a rad indoor skate park and live performances including a special appearance from Canadian cutie Mac Demarco. It was a pretty mundane Friday morning at…… Continue reading Mac Demarco at House of Vans

International Women’s Day: Why equality is still relevant

Today is International Women’s Day. A day that celebrates the strength, determination, struggle and rise of women worldwide. A day which reminds each and every woman that it is more than okay to be a woman. For me, feminism is something hugely worth supporting. Not because I hate men. Hell, I love men. Feminism is…… Continue reading International Women’s Day: Why equality is still relevant

GIRL is just a four letter word

Skateboarding is an art that I have idolised for a long time. Since I was a kid I’ve always loved everything about the scene, from the actual sport itself, to the fashion, culture and lifestyle surrounding it. I found myself gravitating towards music, movies, brands and people associated with. Yet, I never seriously tried to pursue…… Continue reading GIRL is just a four letter word