Exploring TORONTO: Scarborough Bluffs

This year on my annual trip to Toronto I wanted to do something that I hadn’t done already. The tourists spots have all been done; I’ve seen the view from the CN Tower and walked on the glass floor staring down at the city below my feet, I’ve drive to Niagara falls and took a ride on the Maid of the Mist, I’ve visited Canada’s Wonderland and refused to go on any of the big rides, but this year I wanted to do something different.

Scarborough Bluffs is a little out of the city (but can be reached by subway), and for the most part just an urban landscape of residential neighbourhoods. However, head to the beach and cliff tops for some stunning views and lots of greenery. Stretching 15km along the Lake Ontario shore, the bluffs were formed by the natural process of wind and water erosion from the lake.


Had it not been for a friend of a friend who had recently moved to Scarborough, and had been posting an array of picturesque Instagram posts, I myself wouldn’t have took the time to research into the area.


We decided to venture along in the evening, as we wanted to watch the sun set from the cliff tops. After a swelteringly hot summers day in Toronto, when we arrived at the beach there was still a good amount of families milling about, some setting up BBQ’s for late evening dinners.


Although the views were pretty from the ground, we wanted to get up to the top of the cliffs themselves. But stood on the sandy beach, with no stairs in sight, the question was: how?

With the help of a friendly surfer and Google Maps, we found ourselves driving uphill to a residential estate perched atop the bluffs, overlooking the beach. The bluffs themselves offer a warning “do not pass this point”, which scared us a little, and almost made us miss out on the brilliant views of the lake that were on offer past that tiny sign.


Luckily for us, a local dog walker and his wife saw us leaving, and convinced us that it was definitely a bad idea to travel all the way out without at least one photograph of the scenic beauty. Offering to accompany us on our walk, that dog walker is to thank for the amazing views that we got to witness- even if we did miss the sunset.

IMG_9894 IMG_1436

Scarborough Bluffs may not be the biggest tourist attraction, or the most well know, but for a little taste of nature in a big city, a visit is certainly worth the subway journey.



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