Drinking in Toronto: Bellwoods Brewery

It’s a warm August evening, the kind of evening where even though its now dark outside, you still want to be outdoors, experiencing the summer air. As we wander down Ossington Ave, we are greeted by a cosy patio, separated from the sidewalk by a white picket fence. An array of twinkling lights and flickering candles cast a mellow glow on a mix of after work drinkers, students and old friends catching up over home brewed beers and ciders. We are at Bellwoods Brewery.


Bellwoods Brewery is a small brewery situated in Downtown Toronto, and home to a selection of in house brewed beers, both on tap and bottled. After opening in April 2012 with the ultimate goal to “not to run out of beer”, the brewery has been a hotspot for locals and tourists alike

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Alongside a well stocked drinks menu, the brewery also offer food and bar snacks if you’re feeling a little peckish. Since I am not the worlds biggest beer lover, I opted for one of their on tap apple ciders (the beers and ciders available on tap change regularly, so check with your host or hostess about which they would suggest according to your personal preferences.) Not too dry, and yet not sickly sweet either, the cider was delicious and somehow I managed to find myself heading home three pints later (as only a small lady, this seems like a lot of cider for me to guzzle through in an evening stop). My cousin opted for a raspberry beer, and although she said it was enjoyable, she too found herself opting for the same apple cider.


If you do find yourself looking to eat there, the Brewery boasts some delicious looking smoked almonds with Cayenne and honey, if you’re after something small to nibble on. Or perhaps go for the fries with toscano cheese, fine herbs, garlic mayo if you’re looking for something a little more filling, or to share.


The Brewery itself is open all year round, while the patio stays open well into the winter thanks to a moveable shelter and some outdoor heating. With friendly staff, a great selection of brewed beverages and a chilled out, hip atmosphere, Bellwoods Brewery is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.

For more information visit their website here.


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