Travel: Flying Club World with British Airways

A 9-hour flight can seem daunting- sharing an arm rest with a stranger, not enough leg room and the predicament you’re faced with when you forget your neck pillow. However, I was lucky enough to spend my 9-hour flight from London Heathrow to Las Vegas flying in British Airways’ Club World, their version of business class, which meant that I managed to avoid all of my travel fears.

The plane itself was an older model, which meant the older version of Club World, but regardless I was not disappointed with my journey.

With comfortable seating, which reclines into a bed with a comfy pillow and blanket when you want to sleep, and plenty of space around your seat, the journey was a holiday in itself.

Once on-board we were immediately greeted with a drink: orange juice, water or champagne- of course, I opted for champagne.

The seats are arranged so that you can face the person beside you, perfect when you are travelling with a companion as it means you can chat easily and makes meal time a much more sociable experience. However, if you happen to be travelling alone, there is a handy dividing panel in-between the seats, which offer you plenty of privacy.

As we were seated on the upper deck, my window seat also offered storage boxes beside my chair, which meant that I didn’t have to use the overhead locker at all.


Once we had ascended, cabin crew took my dinnertime order from the menu, which I was given when I initially boarded the plane. As someone who can be a picky eater when it comes to traditional meals, I was happy to see a salad option that made my mouth water. The meal was also served with a starter, side salad, dessert and the option of bread rolls. Honestly, it removes all preconceptions of nasty plane food and was definitely of restaurant standard. Alongside a beautifully laid setting and silverware, it was an enjoyable dining experience.

IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0220

The journey also comes to an end with a breakfast round in the morning, however I managed to sleep through this, although I was informed that both a hot and a continental breakfast were offered.

IMG_0222Alongside this, a selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are on offer throughout the duration of the flight, as well as ‘Club Kitchen’ which offers fruit, savoury and sweet snacks just in case you get peckish

Prior to sleeping, which I did a lot of, I had a browse through the on-board entertainment features. There is a wealth of both classic and brand new movies and television shows, as well as music, radio shows and games so that there is never an opportunity for you to be bored. The entertainment system is available regardless of what cabin you are flying in.

Overall, my Club World experience was wonderful and I want to thank British Airways and their friendly cabin crew for giving me a fantastic start, and end, to my trip.


5 thoughts on “Travel: Flying Club World with British Airways

  1. Moritz says:

    Club World on British Airways is absolutely amazing indeed. The seats that recline into a fully fly bed are a real blessing. I’m glad that you enjoyed the experience that much and hope you’ll be able to fly Business Class soon again 🙂


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