Eating at Downtown Disney LA: House of Blues

After a day of travelling from Vegas, plus a lot of waiting in LA traffic, by the time we reached Downtown Disney we were starving. Fuelled by hunger alone we went to the nearest restaurant with the shortest wait that we could find, and boy am I glad that we did.


The House of Blues is a rock and blues themed chain, which can be found both in Downtown Disney Anaheim and Orlando, as well as other locations across the country. It offers a range of Southern style edible goodies, as well as hosting live music events regularly.

IMG_0343 IMG_0345We got our timing perfect, and spent our five minute wait, watching the firework display from the Disney California Adventure park.

Upon entering, the atmosphere was immediately something that struck me as being ideal. The bar area was filled with the relaxing, end of a long day buzz, with people catching up and sipping on post work cocktails. Meanwhile the booths and outside seating area offered a comfy place for diners to enjoy a delicious meal, while still soaking up the vibe.


One of the best things about the experience, for me, was our wonderful server (who I will leave anonymous) who greeted us with a smile and made us feel like we were his best friends. Although a service charge is mandatory in the US, I still think it is lovely when servers go out of their way to be friendly (as an ex-waitress I know how difficult it can be when things get hot in the kitchen and the restaurant is super busy, to keep a smile on your face and act like you have all the time in the world).

We started off the meal with two ‘sangria roja‘s while we flicked through the menu.  As both our stomachs were rumbling, we decided to go for the ‘spinach and artichoke dip‘ to start with and it was amazing. From never having tried it before, I am now a spinach and artichoke dip convert. Why do we not serve this in the UK? Granted, it isn’t the healthiest thing on the menu, despite the vegetables in its name, but for a little treat its certainly worth the extra calories. A freshly baked blend of cream cheese, Mozzarella, Asiago, chopped spinach and artichokes, served with pita chips, this is ideal for sharing as an appetiser or over a couple of drinks with some friends.


We topped up our drinks, more sangria for me and a glass of the Sauvignon blonc for my mum, as we chatted and pondered on our mains. As a big fish and salad lover, I took our servers suggestion and opted for the ‘blackened shrimp salad’, although as per recommendation I left the peppers on the side- this was a very wise decision. The salad consisted of blackened shrimp served over red cabbage, baby spinach, chopped peanuts, red onions, carrots, chopped cilantro, pickled red Fresno peppers and wonton chips tosser with spicy citrus vinaigrette. Although it wasn’t the best salad of the trip (and trust me, there were a lot) it definitely comes up there in my top three. The blackened shrimp were cooked to perfection and were complimented beautifully by the tangy citrus dressing.

For my mum, it was the ‘Cajun Chicken pasta‘- blackened chicken, spicy Cajun cream, roasted tomatoes, papilla onions, toasted corn- which although I did not try, she assures me that she rated it quite highly.


Although I only tried the sangria, which was definitely worth ordering, the House of Blues also offers its own range of cocktails (which I was very tempted by), including house specials ‘The Margarita‘ and ‘Long Island Ice tea’.


The House of Blues offer nightly entertainment, as well as a happy hour special, so if in the area I would certainly recommend checking it out.



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