Eating in Los Angeles: Café Gratitude

After a busy morning shopping at the wonderful Third Street Promenade, I was more than happy to visit Café Gratitude for a light yet delicious, pre-beach lunch. I’d heard a lot about café Gratitude before my trip, and the fact that it was causing such a stir on the other side of the globe meant that I had to try it. Plus offering a mouth-watering fully vegan, organic and healthy menu- three things that are definite winners for me- there was no excuse not to go.

Grat- aimee robinson
With seven locations in the Bay area already, plus a wealth of great reviews, the Gratitude is up there with one of the best places to eat in LA- and subsequently was my favourite meal of the entire trip, and that is saying something!
We headed to the Venice location, situated on Rose Avenue. Upon entering , I could tell that this place was right up my street, from the minimal, clean décor, to the stylish and friendly hostess who seated us.
As we were handed our menus our waitress informed us that the question of the day (which I imagine is the question of every day) was what are you grateful for? Instantly it boosted my mood and added a wonderful feeling to our lunch time treat, just thinking about how much I appreciated the trip that I was on, the beautiful sun outside and to be sat opposite my amazing mother- perhaps a little deep for a lunch time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time to sit back and think.

Grat menu- aimee robinson
And let me tell you, the joy didn’t stop there. I’m not even sure where to begin with the menu, which hosted an abundance of vegan food, so mouth-watering that it was difficult for me to decide what to choose. Gratitude offers everything from gorgeous bowls, salads, wraps and a smoothie list to die for (one which particularly caught my eye was ‘I am cool’-cashew coconut ice cream, fresh mint, vitamineral green powder, raw cacao nibs and vanilla bean- which unfortunately I was far too full to try, but will aim to if I get the chance to visit again). Adding to the array of dishes was the fun way of ordering. Each meal is aptly titled to follow the phrase I am… I opted for ‘I am whole’ and my mum, ‘I am mucho’. Neither of us were disappointed. My macrobiotic ‘whole’ bowl consisted of a list of organic, fresh ingredients: braised garnet yams, adzuki beans, sea vegetables, seasonal sautéed greens, housemade kim chee, black sesame seed gomasio, garlic-tahini sauce, teriyaki almonds, sunflower sprouts and I opted for quinoa. The Mexican inspired ‘mucho’ bowl, which my mum opted for, was equally as satisfying and full of amazing nutrients: black beans, guacamole, seasonal pico de gallo, noaples, salse verde, cashew nacho cheese, spicey pepitas, chopped romaine and she also chose the quinoa option (however a sprouted probiotic brown rice option is available too.)

Mucho- Aimee Robinson


Whole- aimee robinson

Each meal was delicious and filling, and honestly, for those doubting a vegan diet- this place can truly change your thinking. The wealth of food on offer, plus each meal being prepared beautifully, right down to the very last seed, shows that a vegan diet is not only great for your body and the environment, but also can taste amazing too.


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