The Graduate Bug

Ah the Graduate Bug. If you’re aged 23 or over, a recent graduate, or heck, even a not-so-recent graduate, you might have been plagued with the Graduate Bug. Its something that sees us in droves, like zombies: our unpaid debt dragging behind us, our university degrees emblazoned round of necks. This bug I speak of…… Continue reading The Graduate Bug

More than just a cup of coffee….

Dedicating an entire, unsponsored post to a coffee shop might seem a little bizarre. Especially to anyone who has known me for longer than six months, and who is aware of my previous aversion to the mahogany roast. Well boys and girls, things changed this summer, and I pulled up my big girl pants and…… Continue reading More than just a cup of coffee….

Six Months

July 23rd marked my six months in Canada. Six months. That’s about that’s about 25 weeks, 181 days, 4,344 hours since I left my family and friends and chased a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. Six months isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. It isn’t a serious relationship, or…… Continue reading Six Months

The Brick Wall of Fear (a First World problem)

Today I had my first bad day skateboarding. What a first world problem. Today was the first time I’ve ever had a fully bad day skating. By that I mean that from beginning to end I found it a real push just to enjoy myself because I just felt so bothered by the whole thing.…… Continue reading The Brick Wall of Fear (a First World problem)

10 things to do this summer in Toronto

Now that the heat has finally hit it’s time to get prepared for those long, sunny days. Granted, I still have a lot of the city and its outskirts to experience, but summer is where I am most knowledgeable when it comes to The 6ix, and so I thought I would share some of my…… Continue reading 10 things to do this summer in Toronto